”Why is There So Much Hate in the World?” by Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall


               ‘’I’ve been asked lately, by both clients and fans, why there is so much hate in the world. The simple, uncomplicated answer would be to say, ‘’Because there is not enough love.’’ I have a feeling this is not what my clients, fans, and followers want to read or hear. However, if I was teaching in the classroom or conducting a Qualitative Survey with clients, the answer would lead straight back to love’’ ~ Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall.

               Everywhere we look, we see prejudice, hate, discrimination, and stereotyping. It’s on every street corner plastered on billboards, in upscale stores, and in schools. There is so much hate in the world. Heck, two weeks ago, the very famous Oprah Winfrey was turned away in a store in Switzerland for being black. The sales clerk told her she probably couldn’t afford to shop there because the store carried expensive items and clothing. I got a good laugh when I read this, as I’m sure many others did. Nonetheless, Oprah did not find it to be humorous. I did NOT laugh because Oprah is wealthy and got turned away. I did, however, get a kick out of it because she is famous…a face and persona that I assumed everyone in the world recognized. I was wrong.

              I laughed at the ignorance of the sales clerks. I can’t imagine anyone saying, ‘’You aren’t good enough to shop here because you are a color that I don’t like’’ to another person. No, the clerk didn’t say it just like that, but we all know that’s exactly what she meant. Shame on her! Then I thought of that scene in the movie, ‘’Pretty Woman’’ with Julia Roberts – you know, the one where she goes into an upscale boutique and the staff won’t wait on her because she is dressed like a whore. The next day, she walks into the same store carrying many bags and tells the snotty clerk that she made a big mistake by not waiting on her the previous day, especially since the clerk worked on tips. Julia Roberts was dressed to the nine and all eyes were on her. It was great. Color and race were not the issue, but socioeconomic status sure was.

              I’ve conducted my own social experiments by going out when I’m in my sweat pants and hoodie, with no make-up on, and shopped in upscale stores for my favorite, everyday handbag brand, Michael Kors. Usually, the sales clerks continue to stand around and talk, instead of trying to get my service and wait on me. Now, if I walk in there with my make-up on, wearing my nice clothing, I am treated completely different. Clerks dash up to me, offering their services. Again, upper socioeconomic status, or the appearance thereof, rules every time. Isn’t this sad? I think it sucks.

              If universal love ruled the world, there wouldn’t be any more of this petty nonsense. We would all love one another for who we are…not by how we are dressed, where we live, or whether or not our hair is perfectly in place with no gray showing. Women would stop gossiping about other women’s bodies, men would stop hating on the amount of income other men make, and as a result, we would harmoniously just love one another. But, is that possible?

              HATE is so big. The word is offensive, ugly, and just plain nasty. I especially can’t stand to see this action – yes, hate is an action, not just a word – carried out by adults and taught to children. You see, children model behavior. As babies, little ones will do as they see and speak as they hear you speak. If they grow up in a home filled with love towards people of all colors and ethnicity, this is what they learn to be love. On the other hand, if children grow up where they hear and witness foul language about the opposite sex or people of different race or colors than themselves, they will learn this also. Children are born without fear or awareness of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping. This is taught in the home and in our schools by others.

              So, again, I am back to the original question posed to me in the beginning of this article, ‘’Why is There So Much Hate?’’ and my answer is still simple. We must learn to love more, at a deeper level, and teach this love to others without being afraid of what someone may say to us for doing so. Spread the love. Godspeed.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I think your brilliant. I too wonder the same things of how warped this world is. I actually fall into a depression because of it. Makes me sick.

    • Dr. Gayle J. Hall says

      Hello, Alyssa: I have never understood why or how hate is an option for anything or anyone. It’s so much easier to love and proven that love is actually good for your health, also. If you are depressed (as you mentioned) please seek medical help.

      Thank you so much for your comment. Godspeed.

      Shining my love into your world,
      Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall