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Sucker Punched! How to Rise to the Top After Being Punched Down

“This book is a hard-hitting, tell it like it is, masterpiece!”
– Jack M. Zufelt, Author of the 
#1 Best-Selling Book, The DNA of Success
“What an insightful and soul-bearing book I just read.  In a way that only someone with Dr. Hall’s intimate and repeated history of being sucker punched could bring, Gayle has managed to do just that.  She has written a book about coming through on the other side and still being able to maintain her dignity with the desire to help others through these painful experiences.  I have personally known Gayle for 19 years through all of her life journeys.  Dr. Hall has spent a lifetime searching for ways to help those who have been punched to the point they don’t feel worthy of rescuing.  With her tender heart, honest spirit, and drive to make things right, Dr. Hall will hold your hand and use her own stories to show you that you, too, can truly come through on the other side ready to love yourself, love others and live life to the fullest!”
– Tracy Robertson, Child Support Specialist (CSS)
State of Missouri, Department of Social Services (DSS)
How about if I told you that even thought I have been sucker punched numerous times, I have now developed a method of knocking that nasty Sucker Punched Syndrome (SPS) to the curb for good?  Each chapter has directed journaling questions to get you thinking about how to apply principles to your own life.  Know for reaching out and propelling audiences into action, I deliver strategies in ways people can learn, and empower those who perhaps have never felt powerful before in their lives.  If you have lived with fear or endured difficult or unhappy circumstances, I will teach you how to “kick it” in this book!  
Get ready to “Rise to the Top” – let’s do this!
~ Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall

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Who Else Wants To Stop Being Sucker Punched by Life And Finally Kick It To The Curb?

You’ll learn:

  • What it feels like to be Sucker Punched and what’s the meaning of it in your life?
  • How being Sucker Punched in love hurts and how to get back up afterwards.
  • Laid off or fired? What to do when you’re Sucker Punched at work.
  • What to do when you go through major changes in your life like job loss, mid-life crisis, domestic violence, and getting duped.
  • The Sinful Sucker Punch – How to deal with the shame of having a nervous breakdown.
  • How to handle a situation when your help is not needed or backfires.
  • Practical and simple skills to stop being Sucker Punched by life ever again.
  • How to avoid negative people who Sucker Punch you daily with their negativity.

Recognize when you’re being Sucker Punched, and learn the tools you need to deal with it so it doesn’t happen again. Find out if you have the symptoms that are a tall tell sign of Sucker Punched Syndrome.

Most importantly, uncover the ways you can get over it once and for all. Find out how this can work in your own life and you can the bigger things that are awaiting you on the other side of every Sucker Punch.

I’m going to teach you how to kick the Sucker Punched Syndrome to the curb.

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Shining my love into your world,

Dr. Gayle

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