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“Smoothly guiding you towards the happiness you deserve and the best life possible — this is Dr. Hall on Call®”

~ Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD


Your Doctor On Call- Gayle Hall

Dr. Hall was not always smiling before. She had a dirty little secret – a four-letter word.  FEAR trapped her and controlled her life.  You’d never guess that, would you?

 Do you ever experience anxiety or panic attacks?  Are you afraid of; being alone, being in a crowd, public speaking, driving, networking, the dark, bugs, or feel anxious most of the time with no apparent reasonAnxiety can show up when you least expect it.  Work with Dr. Hall and she can guide you to gather the courage to act in spite of your fears.

Life Coaching is all about where you are today and about moving forward.  The coach will ask what the client wants through prevailing questions, listen to the responses, and then detect gaps in what is happening. Dr. Gayle Hall is a great Life Coach who will help you dig down to the core.  Why?  Listen to her audio on the Home Page or on the “About Gayle Hall, PhD” Page and you will understand the FEAR  she overcame to get to where she is now.  You can do this-kick that FEAR to the curb!  Your great Life Coach has “been there, done that” and will show you the steps.

  • Are you ready for something more, but not sure what that is? You need Dr Hall on Call™.
  • Do you want to get your life de-cluttered, cut loose of the crap, and break free from the fear?
  • Do you need relationship, love, or intimacy coaching? Thinking of internet dating, long-distance dating, or want to have a relationship after divorce? Gayle Hall can help you!
  • Are you wanting to create a vision with clarity and purpose? Is fear holding you back?  Ready to claim what is waiting for you — total joy and happiness? You need  Gayle.
  • Are you ready for a change in your life? Gayle Hall PhD, will get you on track!

A life coach is like any other “coach” — everyone needs a coach or mentor.  Just look at every professional in the entertainment or sports industry. A coach is someone who you call, email, or schedule time with to “pump you up” when you need motivated, need guidance, or brainstorm with. A coach should be hired to help maintain work and life balance. A coach is a friend. A coach has a listening ear. A good coach keeps secrets! Dr. Gayle Hall is a Life Coach and knows what she is doing.

Behavior Consulting is best suited to unlock or remove old patterns of behaviors or unresolved issues from the past through free association (talking). Dr. Hall employs eclectic methods, custom-tailored to your personality and needs, to assess your behavior. Just as each person is unique, so will your need for behavior consulting be distinctive.

We will work together to resolve repressed feelings of guilt or shame, fear, childhood issues, stress, anger management, depression, anxiety or mood disorders, self esteem, dating, marriage, relationship problems, divorce, victimization, PTSD, infidelity, sexual trauma or other sexual problems, chronic pain, bullying, addictive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling), spiritual,  parenting issues, womens’ issues, teen issues, adolescence problems, love, and life.

For this program to be successful, you as the client, must be willing to talk about what is unsettling. You will talk. Gayle Hall PhD, will listen and offer guidance and support. One session will not be enough and very often, when a client is in crisis mode, he or she will need to seek support frequently (2-3 times per week) until the crisis passes. This is normal. The best package plan for you is the Positively Working It Plan (10, 50-minute sessions — see “Rates and Details of Plans”).

There are times when an individual just needs to vent or talk in a safe environment, knowing their secrets and conversations are confidential. The Exclusive Premier Client Package is for the executive client with refined wants. Please see “Exclusive Premier Client Package” for details.


Don’t let FEAR ruin your life any longer.  Let’s kick it.

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Isn’t it about time you made changes in your life with the guidance of a professional – Dr Hall on Call™.

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees that services provided by Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD, will correct your psychological, emotional, or medical problems. If you believe you have a medical condition that requires prescription drugs or attention, please seek the help of a medical physician. Alert: If you are suicidal or need immediate assistance, please dial 911 or go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Room and ask for help!