How to Make the Best of Cold, Crappy Weather

Don't forget to cover your head!

Don’t forget to cover your head!











         ‘’I lived in the Midwest for about 30 years, so I have experienced the four seasons, including cold weather. One of the things I miss the most about being gone from that region are the beautiful changing colors of the leaves on the trees every Fall season. I sure don’t miss the ice, snow, and dangerous drops into single-digit temperatures during winter. As children, we always bundled up and went out to play in the snow, had snow-ball fights, and built forts. Now, I don’t even want to see snow!’’ ~ Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall.

         Moving to Texas was a blessing for me about 16 years ago. This weather just seems to help my body feel better.  I have a couple of chronic illnesses and warmer weather helps to not have my body be in pain like the cold weather does. When the temperature drops down to 50 degrees, it feels cold to me. I am not kidding! So, here are some ways we can deal with really frigid weather outside, regardless of where you live.


  • Dress, not to impress, but appropriately. Never plan on ‘’just running into the store’’ and not dressing for what the weather dictates. I have been guilty of this myself.  Wear the proper clothing to protect your skin.


  • Cover your head with a hat or shawl when you go outside and it is cold. Now, this seems really elementary and I know you are thinking I’ve surely lost my mind, but think about this. We tell our children to wear hats, we put hats on babies and old people, but we don’t think to wear hats ourselves. Did you know that 90% of your body heat escapes through your head? Well, it does. Go find the cutest winter hat (buy more than one!) and then wear it every time you leave the house when it is cold. Just do it. You will get used to it. I probably have 10-15 winter hats. I love them, I look good in them, and you will love yours also.


  • Keep emergency gear in the trunk of your car. I lived near the Canadian border for four years and this was a ‘’must-do.’’ It was one of the first things I was told when I moved there and very quickly, I found out why. During the cold and winter months, put two blankets in your trunk, a bag of kitty litter (to help if you get stuck), a shovel, a really great free-standing, flashing lamp or flashlight, a couple bottles of water, and some bags of fruit snacks or other non-perishable food. You never know what might happen.


  • Stock up and have extra food, toiletries, and medicines on hand at home so that you don’t have to get out and drive in bad weather unless absolutely necessary. Why take the risk and put your life in danger?


       Take advantage of crappy weather days and learn to turn those into ‘’loving to be at-home-lounging’’ days.  Make an afternoon of game day and play some of those old-fashioned games you used to love as a child. If that does not suit you, read a really great book, take a nap, call an old friend and catch up on the news, write in your journal, or just take time to think about what you can be thankful for. I bet as you reflect, your day won’t end up being so crappy after all.

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