Relationship Blunders: What to do When You Have One on a Date

“The very worse relationship blunder for me has to be the one time I called a date by the wrong name.  It was my birthday, and I was going out for dinner and dancing with one date and then out the following night with another date.  During the first date, I looked squarely in the face of the gentleman and called him by the wrong name.  At the time, he laughed it off, but I could tell that it really hurt his feelings.  He turned out to be a jerk and I never saw him again, so it ended up being okay.  I’ll never forget that as long as I live and since that time, I have always been excellent with names.  There won’t be any more name blunders for this chick!” ~ Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall

Being in a relationship may be a tough deal, especially if it is not all just about hearts and flowers. Most relationships may have a good start.  However, if one or both parties involved begins to show their true colors, that is when things could turn nasty. It is important to work on the differences between two partners, but doing so can be challenging, especially if faced with many relationship blunders. In some cases, men and women tend to commit the same mistakes that repeatedly strain the relationship and create havoc to what should be a supposedly intimate and fun date.  This could, in turn, bring about a heated exchange of toxic arguments.

It is advisable to work and avoid the common relationship blunders, especially while having a date, as things may turn out quite intense and could end up into something that you might regret. Of course, some of us tend to commit such stupid and dreadful mistakes.  Therefore, it is important to do some damage control if we don’t want to end up alone or bitter at the end of the date.

Here are four common relationship blunders and some tips that would help you smooth things out properly:

1.       Invasion of privacy – Well, most dates tend to get easily irritated when their partner is  busy answering text messages and not paying attention to them. Some dates are really pissed to the extent of pulling the cellphone away from their partner and start the never ending nagging. This can provoke the other partner and become a big turn off. It will not really look good for anyone to do this while on a date, as each one still deserves to keep some privacy. If you have already done the damage, then learn to apologize and don’t escalate the problem. Try to settle things in a proper manner and help make your partner understand what caused you to act in that manner.

2.       Domination and making too many demands – Some people tend to forget that a relationship takes two to tango, so they keep all the power and control over the relationship. In some cases, one tends to make too many demands from the other, especially while having a date. To make demands from a relationship is not really a problem, but it should be done in a moderate way. If you think that you are too demanding to your partner, tone it down.

3.        Excessive intimacy – Intimacy is a very important factor in a relationship but it may not be a good thing if you cannot keep your hands off your partner, even in public places or on a date.  If you are trying to send a message to other people to back off and this person is mine, then they surely get what you wanted to say. However, your partner can take that as a negative thing and may think that you are too possessive. Just learn when to stop kissing or being overly attached to your partner and leave the intimacy in your private realms. Too much of anything can kill off any relationship.

4.       Selfishness – Stop thinking that it’s all about you as relationship don’t work that way. If you are on a date, do not just be a good speaker, but also try to become a good listener. Do not treat your partner just like your friend that you need to just talk about some girly and boyish stuff when you are with him. If you think you are talking too much, then learn to stop and try to open topics that both of you would enjoy.

These are simple relationship blunders that people often commit. If done repeatedly, these can actually fuel feuds and conflicts between the people involved. It is important to avoid them if you don’t want to bring your romantic relationship to a screeching halt.


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