Perfection Just Sucks: How to Progress in a Perfect World

“I am a real sickie. At least I know this about myself and admit it. As a young child, I would get upset if my school papers were less than perfect. I would do them over and over again to ensure that perfect A+ score. Most of the other kids in elementary and junior high school were more concerned with playing outside or hooking up by the time 8th grade rolled around. But, not me. No, you would find me at my desk, whether that be in school or at home, doing my school work for the fifth or sixth time. I don’t even think my parents ever knew this about me. Perfection just sucks – How to Progress in a Perfect World. I wondered if I was crazy, because none of my friends did this.”

~ Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall

Know Your Truth!

It was a beautiful day today. I peeked out when I saw the sun and then took my laptop outside to work when I realized it was in the 70’s. The sunshine was raking through the trees, birds were singing, the wind chimes were clanging and dancing, and a slight breeze was blowing the day-lilies that have already come up for the spring season. I cleaned off the cushions on the patio furniture in the back yard and sat under the pergola. Time passed by, as I wrote an article for a joint business venture I am involved in. The afternoon was so pleasant. I looked up a couple of times from my typing at the keyboard and noticed some weeds that needed to be pulled in the flower gardens. Then I saw some leaves in the beds that needed to be picked up. The patio could have used a good sweeping, also. Just as easily as I had sat down, noticed the beauty of the day, and had gotten some work done, the ‘’perfection monster’’ and my OCD came sneaking in. Oh, how I hate it when that happens.


How much of our lives are spoiled or frittered away by neurotic insistence on perfection? Do you feel like you have to constantly be perfect in the most perfect world? Is this a ‘’you’’ thing, or is it that our world expects us to be perfect all the time? Haven’t you had enough of this crap?

Here are Three Quick Tips on How to Progress in a Perfect World:

  1. Learn to love the authentic YOU. Love your flaws, your freckles, your moles, your hair, your skin, your curves, your nails, your lips, your eyes, and those wrinkles you have earned on your face. There is only one you on this entire earth. Think about that. You were made just perfect, exactly like you are today. The very first step to progressing in a perfect world is to love yourself just as you are, because you are beautiful.
  2. Notice the beauty in simple things around you. Is there something about that one light fixture that is unique? Does a pillow in your home make you feel good? What about a certain blanket or old quilt? Does either of those two ‘comfy’ things hold special memories for you? Try this same task with a friend of yours. Go into their home and ask them what makes them feel good. Ask them what their comfort food is. Dream a little with your friend and ask them where they’d like to go. More than likely, it won’t be to the most perfect place on earth, but it will surely be the most perfect place for them. Do you get the picture?
  3. Learn to be less judgmental of those you spend the most time with. This is very important. The five people you talk with (even if it is on the phone), spend the most time with, and associate with are the same type of people you will turn out like. This means that if you constantly put others down, disrespect other people, or think you are better than everyone else, you will find yourself lonely very quickly. Learn to be humble and thankful for what you have. Be thankful you are NOT perfect. It is difficult and lonely to live at the top of the mountain and there is nowhere to go but down once you are there.


Think what it would be like to have to be perfect all the time. Movie stars, rock stars, and athletes have their lives and faces in the camera’s lens at all times. They are rarely shielded from us, the public. We are eagerly waiting for their screw-ups, like sharks, ready to attack them. We watch what they wear, what they eat, what they say, what they do, follow all of their actions, and even seem to know instantly when they have affairs. Perfection leaves little room for advancement, joy, or acceptance. I think I’ll stick with my life…you know…the simple one – writing articles under my pergola, while listening to leaves blowing, birds singing, and wind chimes dancing in the breeze.

How about you? Can you make progress in a perfect world and give up the life of chasing perfection?

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